Maroon Assistive Technologies is now Element Exo!

Element Exo Wins Second Place in Richard King Mellon Foundation’s Social-Impact Pitch Competition
Feb 8, 2023

Empowering Innovation in the Heart of Pittsburgh

Element Exo, a pioneering hardware-focused startup that specializes in exoskeleton technology, was awarded the second-place prize of $400,000 in the esteemed Richard King Mellon Foundation’s second annual social impact pitch competition.

Element Exo’s exoskeleton suit promises to empower employees by enhancing their ability to complete tasks with ease and efficiency. By blending cutting-edge technology with a focus on maximizing human potential, the suit supports the Foundation’s mission of providing maximum support to for-profit startups that benefit their communities.

Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Tim Pote, Element Exo believes it can fundamentally transform the way people work. The exoskeleton suit unlocks a world of possibilities where physical limitations no longer hinder productivity, and employees can realize their full potential.

Element Exo’s second-place award is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to unleashing the true potential of exoskeleton technology. The award-winning exoskeleton suit stands to revolutionize workplace dynamics, transforming the way people work and maximizing their potential.

According to Sam Reiman, director of the RK Mellon Foundation, the Foundation’s approach to funding is driven by a desire to support entrepreneurs of for-profit startups who create products or offer services that benefit society. Reiman argues that this model is different from traditional ones that focus only on infrastructure innovation, whereas the Foundation is looking to invest in innovative solutions.

The Richard King Mellon Foundation’s innovative approach drives positive change by investing in companies that demonstrate the potential to make a transformative difference. As part of this journey, Element Exo is proud to be at the forefront of developing new technology, and eager to realize a future where innovation knows no bounds.

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