Maroon Assistive Technologies is now Element Exo!

Element Exo wants to save laborers pain and hospital bills with its exoskeleton
Feb 3, 2023

Element Exo is a company with a heartwarming origin story that began when engineer, Tim Pote, wanted to use his skills to create a better life for his younger brother, who was paralyzed. His opportunity came when he collaborated with Lowe’s Home Improvement to create a lower back assistive exoskeleton that was three times stronger than anything on the market.

Naturally, other companies came calling, and Element Exo was formed to refine the prototype for commercial sale. This innovative company aims to help hardworking and physically demanding industries, including doctors and members of the US military, reduce some of the weight on their shoulders through the use of exoskeletons.

Now, the startup is participating in accelerators such as PGH Labs 8.0 cohort to ensure that every exoskeleton makes a significant impact and offers ongoing value to its customers.

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